About Us

Welcome to About The House!


"We work hard by day so you can sleep well at night."


Mission Statement

Our mission is simple: to work hard by day providing our first-rate 400-point home inspection service throughout southern New Hampshire in a methodical and systematic way – so you can sleep well at night.


You Can Count On Us

We are independent inspectors and we do not benefit financially from the sale or repair of any home. So you can depend on our inspection to be honest and sincere.



Our reports are straight-forward and easy to understand, and if ever you have a question, we’re always just a phone call away. We have establish ourselves as very reliable, comprehensive and well trained, with over 2,500 home inspections performed throughout southern New Hampshire to date.  


Owner Operated

Our inspector is actually the owner, Steve Cauthen. Steve graduated from H.C. Wilcox Vocational Technical School after having gained an extensive knowledge of complete home systems. He continued his quest for systems knowledge during his tour-of-duty with the US Navy becoming submarine qualified. Nothing is more precious when you are a mile under water than clean air! While living and working on a nuclear submarine, sometimes for 4-months at a time, he became highly qualified with the intricate nature of air-flow systems, high pressure air, hydraulic and nuclear power systems. Therefore, learning and achieving the necessary certifications and trainings for Home Inspection, was literally a natural progression. (Please see list of certifications and trainings below.)